1) I’m already with another agent, how can I change over to Pinpoint Property?
Changing over your management to Pinpoint Property Management Services is easy – simply contact me for a ‘change of managingagent’ form, complete it and I will do the rest!

2) What length of time does a managing agency agreement run for?
Every agency and each agreement is different, but my managing agency agreements have no expiry – meaning they are valid until either party gives 30 days notice to terminate theagreement. (A termination fee of $66 including GST applies)

3) What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay their rent?
Checking for rental arrears everyday, gives me the opportunity to take prompt action should a tenant default in payment.
4 days in arrears – tenant is contacted via phone or SMS as a reminder to pay
8 days in arrears – a ‘Notice to Remedy’ is issued giving tenant 7 days to remedy breach.
16 days in arrears – a ‘Notice to Leave’ is issued giving tenant 7 days to vacate the premises and pay rent owing Appropriate action is taken should the tenant not remedy breach after each notice is given.
You as owner, will be advised of all written notices sent/delivered to your tenant.

4) How much Bond does my tenant pay?
For an unfurnished property, 4 weeks bond is paid
For a furnished property, 6 weeks bond is paid
Certain conditions apply to bonds for properties over $700/week
If you increase your weekly rental throughout a tenancy (once the fixed term has expired), the bond also increases. For more information, please contact me.

5) Do I need landlord insurance?
Landlord insurance is highly recommended and I can provide you with further information and brochures if you need.

6) What happens if I decide to sell my property?
You can choose to sell your property whilst tenanted, however your tenant does have rights in regards to the lease for the property. Appropriate notice must be given to the tenant in regards to selling, notices to leave and inspections.

7) Do I get a say as to which tenants are selected for my property?
YES. In fact, you CHOOSE your tenant based on the research that I conduct on each applicant
for your property.

8) Can I use my own tradesmen for repairs?
It is recommended that you use the tradesmen appointed by Pinpoint Property as they are fully qualified contractors with insurances.

9) How can I get the maximum rent return on my rental property?
To attract a quality tenant who is prepared to pay a premium rent you need to start with your rental property. Is it in good repair? Are the lawns and gardens neat and tidy? Is the property well presented? Are the windows, carpets, floors, bathrooms and appliances clean and in good order? A rental property that presents well generally attracts the tenants who are willing to pay more.

10) How many inspections do you conduct each year?

During our regular routine inspections we assess how well your tenant is looking after your rental property and also determine if there are any maintenance issues or repairs that require attention. We conduct inspections at the following intervals:

  • An ingoing inspection prior to the tenant moving in
  • Routine inspections every 13 weeks, with a written report emailed to you within 5 days
  • An outgoing inspection on completion of the tenancy

If we are unhappy with any aspect of your property during one of our routine inspections, we will ensure it receives prompt attention and re-inspect the property within 14 days.

11) How much rent can I get for my rental property?
At Pinpoint Property we determine the rent return of your rental property by considering the following:

  • Type of rental property
  • Location
  • Appearance
  • Any special features
  • Market demand
  • Current market trends
  • Other comparable leases

12) How much bond do I need to pay?
The bond is 4 weeks rent.

13) How much notice do I need to give to vacate?
14 days notice on expiry of the Lease Agreement.

14) How much notice will you give me before an inspection?
7 days notice via email prior to a routine inspection.

15) How much rent in advance do we need to pay?
2 weeks rent in advance at the beginning of the Tenancy Agreement.

16) What do we do if repair or maintenance work is needed at the property?
All requests for maintenance or repair of the property you are renting are required in writing or by email. Repair requests may be submitted on lineby completing our Property Maintenance Request Form. For emergency repair requests after business hours please refer to your Lease Agreement for instructions and emergency contact details.

If you have any further questions, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you

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